Custom Lighting Choices

All our our lighting is customized to some extent. Customizations can be as simple as specifying a different finish, length, or shade or as extensive as modifying the fixture design. The following information can help you understand and envision the many available options.

Pairing Fixtures and Shades

Metal fixtures and glass shades are sold separately to allow for more combinations of glass colors and shapes. To find a shade to fit a given fixture, compare the “fitter size” of the two items. Fitter sizes should match.

Fitter size numbers (1F, 2F, 3F, etc.) refer to the approximate diameter of the glass where it fits into the fixture. 2F actually measures 2-1/4" (a common size for historical glass), 3F measures 3-1/4", while the larger sizes measure accurately inch for inch.

Choosing Patinas

Each of our designs is available in a variety of patina finishes. Take a look at our patina sample page for options.

Specifying Fixture Length

Ceiling fixtures can be built to specified lengths. Our pricing usually includes any length up to 36" total. Additional lengths are available for $25 to $75 per foot, depending upon the specific style and number of vertical arms.

Here are our typical guidelines for deciding on the length of a hanging fixture:

  • Fixtures over open floor should hang no lower than 6'8" from the floor to avoid collisions with people passing beneath them. 7' – 8' is a good height range.
  • Fixtures positioned over a table or work surface should hang between 5'6" – 6'6" from the floor to provide optimal light while not obstructing the view.

Further Customizations

All of Metro Lighting’s “standard” product line can be customized to fit a project’s particular needs. Further customization may include adding more arms to a chandelier, changing from a downlit to an uplit design, or exchanging holders to fit the desired glass shade. Tell us about your needs and we’ll be happy to provide a quote!

For completely custom work, please feel free to fax or e-mail drawings or photos so we can determine if we can be of service.