Patina Finishes

Our fixtures are made with solid brass or copper components.

All metal surfaces are hand finished with the patina of your choice, protected with a thin layer of paste wax, and buffed to a low luster. Natural brass, oxidized brass, and oxidized copper finishes will darken slowly with age.

Special finishes may incur additional charges and are subject to a 30% restocking fee if exchanged or returned.

Limited Availability finishes may incur additional charges, are subject to a 30% restocking fee if exchanged or returned, and are not available on all fixtures.

  • Brass finishes are NOT available on the following product lines: Black Oak, Copper Acorn, Ginkgo, Hawthorn, Manzanita, Red Oak, and Tendril.  

  • Oxidized copper is ONLY available on Copper Acorn, Red Oak, and Tendril fixtures or as an accent finish on Black Oak and Hawthorn fixtures.  

Patina Care & Handling

All finishes are subject to scratches so please handle with care during installation.

Do not use cleaning solutions, as they may react with the patina finish. Instead simply dust with a soft, dry cloth. To restore the original shine, apply paste wax and buff with a soft cloth.


Black Dark Brown

Brushed or Polished Nickel
(30% upcharge)
Limited Availability

Natural Brass Oxidized Brass
(10% upcharge)
Oxidized Copper