Metro Lighting’s patinas are
heat-bonded by hand in small batches.

About Our Products

Finished in a variety of beautiful patinas, our unique luminaires feature glasswork by Bay Area artists and world-renowned studios.

We use solid brass and copper parts and employ the highest quality standards for the construction of our lighting fixtures and lamps. All of our fixtures are warranted against defects for one year.

Metal Surfaces

The time-consuming patina process we employ was originally developed for the creation of bronze sculpture. Some pieces are chemically oxidized in a room-temperature bath, and others receive a hot-process treatment.

If a hot process patina is specified, each part is heated with a propane torch before a water-based solution is applied with a spray bottle. The metal in the solution—usually iron—bonds with the surface of the lamp part as the water evaporates, leaving a beautiful and unique combination of color and texture.

Once the finish is applied, all of the metal surfaces on our fixtures are protected with a thin layer of paste wax and buffed to a low luster.

Glass Shades

Most of the glass sold by Metro Lighting & Crafts is mouthblown. We import many shades from Vianne, a company that has been blowing glass in France for nearly a century. We also work with a number of local glass blowers, who do their work in more of a studio setting, costing a bit more, but resulting in unique works of glass art.